French Triple Milled Soaps

Give your skin love and lather

Made with organic Ingredients

All our soaps are Triple milled made with organic Olive Oil.

A natural skin moisturizer perfect for for dry and sensitive skin including eczema and psoriasis.

Made with 72% Olive Oil 25% Shea Butter, Glycerin and essential Oils from Grasse.

Gives your skin the perfect moisture and lather while enjoying its amazing aroma.


Women Owned

Our Story

The Averal soaps are made using the finest ingredients in the tradition of triple milled Marseille soaps. Olive oil and shea butter are two of the main ingredients in every soap, allowing for a moisturizing and hydrating experience with every bath.

The classic aromas such as lavender, honey, or lemon verbena and the unique fragrances like Monoi, a unique blend of coconut oil and the natural essence of gardenias petals from Tahiti, make Averal soaps the perfect way to start every day or decompress at night.

Each soap comes beautifully wrapped in our recyclable paper box.

Averal is not just a company of high-quality French soaps, but a story of survival in the face of adversity, of staying strong, remembering your values, a story of self-care, of rising from the ashes and empowering not only yourself, but everyone around.
The name of the company came from the South of France as well, specifically from a dialect spoken in Occitania, a region that spread over the South of France and part of Spain.

The soaps were to be called :

Averal, meaning authentic, genuine, natural, original, real, true - all values I wanted to instill in the brand.

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